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Sheep Happens

Sheep Happens is truly one of the best 2D runnres. It gained its popularity within a first week on the AppStore back in 2012 when the game was featured and appeared in top-20 games category. Millions of happy players around the world still enjoy hilarious and chaotic runner with extreme sheepocalypse.


Enjoy amazing graphics, addictive gameplay and cute sheep that are on your way all the time! Get through all the barriers, riding a sheep and destroy everything on your way!

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  • Fast paced endless mode!
  • Total Sheepocalypse twistied with sheep racing!
  • Black market with crazy power ups!
  • Catchy music!
  • Face real Olympic Gods in battles!
  • Master to controll chaos around!
  • Contact gameplay that heats up competition atmosphere!
  • Finely selected sheep champions from the top Greek farms!
  • Total Sheepocalypce, crazy mini games and a chance to punch some Gods' faces!
  • Lots of missions and a chance to chellenge your friends! 


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