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Shower Defense

A hilarious extreme action game where player’s main goal is to defend the marvelous look of the modern city from the dive-bombing army of birds shooting the upcoming pigeons with the jet! 

Millions of pigeons almost destroyed the marvelous look of the modern city and its architectural heritage! 

Only you, on behalf of the magic boy, bravely guarding his fountain, can can stand on the way of heartless army of pigeons aiming to destroy the entire planet and set their own, “pigeons’” rules! 

Dive into an exciting adventure, pick the right outfit and defeat the ominous pigeons! 

Defend the city! Shoot the pigeons!


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Key features of the game:


  • You have unique ability to save the world from pigeons and defat their leader!
  • Thrilling missions and a chance to have a contest wuth your friends! 
  • Unique equipment and items!
  • A fascinating weapon upgrade system!


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