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"Heroes and Puzzles" version 1.3.4


Hello friends!

Another update of “Heroes and Puzzles” is ready for your attention!

We have improved animations, polished user interfaces, fixed some minor bugs which could spoil your game experience and made gameplay more interesting and fun!

Now your adventures will be even more fun and interesting!

p.s. Some players encountered serios problems after this update. The problems are fixed, and the game runs ok now.

Hope you enjoy your adventures!

Play the game on Google Play here

and Apple App Store here


What's new:

  • We have improved server performance to improve multiplayer performance; 

  • XP points in battles in single campaign are now given only if the battle is won; 

  • New animation for Big Boss fights - animation of retreat instead of loss animation;

  • Animations appearing when a player gets a new rank are now polished;

  • New congratulations screen when a player collects a full set of heroes;

  • New frames for chests to accentuate their rarity differences;

  • After tapping "To battle" button Rewards and Treasury buttons are now not interactive anymore;

  • We fixed some rare visual bugs with chests, animations, and some icons and buttons;

  • We fixed the bug when a player purchasing attempts in events could see only one key remaining in the battle result screen;

  • We fixed the bug when the "No interenet" screen was constantly popping up on the Arena when there was no internet connection;

  • We fixed bugs appearing after client had been silent for a long time;

  • We fixed the bug when in Big Boss event in battle results screen all buttons freezed if the internet connection was lost when Big Boss was finishing the player;

  • Visual bugs fixed.