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Heroes and Puzzles Major Update!


We have some exciting news!


For all of you who have been waiting the Adventures to continue!

We are happy to announce our major update for Heroes and Puzzles!


What is new:

  • A new area - "Burning lands" - are waiting for you! Time to crush the Demon King!

  • 4 new heroes added! The Seraphim, the Punisher, the Warrior and the Travelling Mage are ready to join your collection!

  • Reward chests in Adventure mode! Now you can get chests not only on the Arena, but in single campaign as well!

  • Free portal is waiting for you! Activate it for free every four hours!

  • Now bonus for sets is permanent! Collect a set of heroes, and get battle bonuses for your party!

  • Change of the Arena rules! Now your rating depends on the damage inflicted in the battles you've won!

  • More attempts to defeat the Big Boss! We added on option to purchase attempts!

Available on Apple AppStore here

Available on Google Play here